My Likes – Hassle-Free Woodworking

Thank you for continuing to read my review of Ted’s Woodworking plans. I have learned so much from this amazing package, that I had to share my thoughts with anyone else who loves woodworking just as much as I do.

Here is a quick summary of the best parts of this set of woodworking plans:

  • New plans every single month
  • Request a custom plan for your latest idea
  • Support from people who created these plans
  • Mobile access to the entire set of plans
  • Access to free guides that will teach you woodworking techniques
  • Video tutorials that demonstrate how to do basic tasks

How many times have you wished you had access to a master woodworker? You can actually ask questions of these guys. If you get stuck on your project, you do not have to throw it away and start over. There are people available to help you.

All of the 16,000 project plans include the actual blueprints that have worked for so many other woodworkers. You can be confident that the steps are complete.

Maybe you have a great idea for a project that is not included in the set. I find that hard to fathom, but you can actually request custom woodworking plans from the workshop. I couldn’t believe that when I first discovered this set of plans.

Every project you start is supported through the people who made the plans. They didn’t just create half-baked plans to make some cash. These people are serious woodworkers who want to see all of us succeed with their plans.

One of my favorite features of Ted’s Woodworking plans is the fact that I can be anywhere with my tablet and review plans. Maybe I am sitting in the doctor’s office waiting on the wife. No magazine in the world is better than my set of woodworking plans. I just open up the package and look for my next project.

Time flies!

Complete schematics are included for every plan. Few other woodworking plan sets even come close to the details that Ted has included in these plans. He shares his thoughts about the incomplete and inaccurate plans that other places offer. He isn’t being critical, but honest.

I have studied Ted’s woodworking plans before starting on each project because I want to know how difficult each step will be as I work. The quality of the plans cannot be matched. I really enjoy working with these plans because I know that I can succeed.

Without basic woodworking training, you would fail in your quest with most other plans. Ted has created a complete site for people at all skill levels. You can find answers to your questions in the guides and videos.

You have come to the right place if you are seeking woodworking plans that have every single step detailed.