As you continue to read my full review of Ted’s woodworking plans, you have reached the features section. Inside this amazing package of software plans, you will find important features that make every plan usable for woodworkers of all skill levels. From simple projects that require a few materials to the most complex projects, you will find complete plans that set you up for success.

I hope you found this video to be a helpful overview of the contents of this amazing woodworking package.

Ted and his team of expert woodworkers have removed the difficulty that people find in other woodworking plans. Experience has shown Ted that every detail must be included to eliminate mistakes and put an end to wasted materials.

Ted’s Woodworking Plans contain important details that prevent you from cutting the wrong lengths or ending up with an unusable supply. Every part of this package is designed to answer your questions and enable you to work efficiently.

1. Step-by-Step Instructions – Every woodworking project plan includes the exact instructions you need to build your project. You will spend less time deciphering the instructions and more time improving your woodworking skills.

In all of my woodworking classes, I have never felt more assisted by the plan itself. I always had to figure out some steps on my own from my previous experience. With Ted’s plans, I felt as though a master craftsman was standing in my workshop guiding me.

2. Cutting & Materials List – Each project includes a complete list of materials, which includes the exact measurements for each piece. You will never waste money on “extra” supplies for your planned mistakes.

Your woodworking shop might be like mine; tight on space. I do not have room for a bunch of extra stuff left over from failed projects. As soon as I found Ted’s woodworking plans, I never had extra supplies after the project was completed.

3.   Detailed Schematics – Your plans will include the 3-D image of your project with all the pieces visible. You will not have to imagine what the final product will look like because this piece of the puzzle is revealed from the outset.

I am a visual learner like so many people who love to work with their hands. Seeing the final product in my mind was always challenging when I tried to work with other plans. I always wondered why the creator of those other plans was trying to hide the steps required to complete the project.

4. Views from All Angles – Ted’s experience with other plans has shown him the importance of this element. Your project includes a view from every angle of the finished product. You will never wonder how it was supposed to look.

I will never forget the first time I thought I was building a particular cabinet and ended up with a different size that would never fit in the spot I intended. That experience has not happened since I started using Ted’s woodworking plans. I know exactly how each project will look.

  • Lifetime updates – Each month, more plans are available; as if 16,000 plans are not enough. Imagine having an endless supply of new plans placed within reach every month. These updates will sometimes include a custom plan that another member requested.
  • Projects in dozens of categories – Maybe you need a plan for a chicken house, a clock, a barn. Boats, bee hives, squirrel dens, hammock and deck plans are just some of the amazing categories that Ted has included. There are even categories for using your router and scroll saw.
  • Wide variety of projects – Simple to complex projects are included to make certain that everyone has something that fits their skill level. You will not have to look far to find the perfect item for your first project. You might decide to make all of your gifts in the coming year.
  • Mobile friendly – Every plan is accessible from your mobile device. My workshop is reachable on our Wifi network, so I usually browse through plans and look around my shop while I create my supply list. You might want to use your tablet while you finish a project.
  • Free woodworking guides – Ted realizes that every member is starting with a unique knowledge of woodworking. His woodworking guides were designed to provide instruction for every technique you can imagine. Instead of wondering how to do something, you will be able to access the guide that applies to your project step.
  • Free instruction videos – Nothing compares to watching an expert complete a woodworking task on video. Ted demonstrates so many important techniques right on the screen. Even these videos are available on your mobile device.
  • Lifetime support – Access to the master woodworkers on Ted’s team is included in your purchase. While everything you need is included in your plans, you might run into a situation where a quick question would enable you to proceed.
  • Custom plans – Sometimes a member will have a specific project in mind and need a plan from Ted and his team. A couple of months after the request is made, the plan will be released to all of the members.
  • Optional 2-DVD set – For a small fee, Ted will send this package of plans on DVDs to your home. Maybe your Internet access is too slow to handle the plans online. This option is available for those who prefer it.
  • 60-Day money back guarantee – Your risk vanishes when you realize that within 60 days you can discover how well the plans work. If you are not satisfied, contact Ted and he will refund you money. There is no risk to you at all.
  • Value-packed bonuses – Included with your purchase of the 16,000 plans are FOUR helpful bonuses that will enhance your woodworking experience.
  • DWG & CAD Plan Viewer
  • 150 Premium Woodworking Videos
  • How To Start A Woodworking Business
  • Complete Woodworking Guides

Ted’s Woodworking plans are packed with features that were designed with your success in mind. From your first project, you will learn more than you thought possible from a master woodworker.